My work begins with a spiritual ritual of Chi-cultivation, grounding me deeply into the earth; embodying its energy and guiding my hands like a dance, while simultaneously building the story that connects with the practices of my Native American ancestors. This symbiotic connection with my heritage charges the canvas with positive energy, preserving a storied past. Extensive travel throughout America continues to provide deep inspiration; embedding elements of nature that enrich the layered textural quality and symbolic language of my work. Gathered found objects are fused with paint becoming a visual journal, that honor my materials and my message. 

In 2010 I sustained major lung surgery, which invited a greater awareness of time, life, love and gratitude. This experience led me to create new collections of mixed media paintings and sculptures based on the intense process of healing.  This led me to Southern California to rebuild my strength while exploring the west coast. My work, using found materials from both environments on opposite sides of the country became deep and unified. For example, 150-year-old skeleton keys found under the stairwell of my Connecticut home were combined with dentalium shells from a Native American trading company in California, and palm tree remains which metaphorically blended this bi-coastal existence: each work aiming to honor fragility while building/unlocking strength.  Currently, I am enjoying life in Warren, CT.